Started out with the participation of 50 business people and 650 audiences in 2012, Uludağ Economy Summit (UEZ) has evolved into “the biggest gathering of the area” during this period of time. It has evolved within the years and reached 110 senior speakers and 2,000 attendees both from Turkey and the world. The summit that is organized by Capital, Ekonomist and Start Up magazines has been held twice, that is to say in spring and fall, to catch up with fast-changing agenda and dynamics of pandemics period in 2021. For the UEZ’21 Spring Summit, which we held as hybrid in March 24-25th, 14 different panel discussions were organized under the theme “Are We Ready For A New World?”. UEZ’21 Fall in November 24-25th was, on the other hand, scheduled under the theme “Sustainability and Future”. The subjects that were highlighted within the agenda of current business world, such as “Sustainability”, “Global Economy: Is A Better Future Possible?”, “Circular Economy”, “New Balances in the Economy”, “Future of Banking”, “New Vision in Agriculture”, “More Women and Equality at Workplace” and “Technologies That Transform the Future”, were addressed in the panel discussions with the contribution of the leading speakers both from Turkey and the world in the fields of business, economy, politics and economy and academy throughout the Summit.

Uludağ Economy Summit that the leaders of Turkish business and economy world have shown a great interest and favor for years will be organized physically again at Sapanca in accordance with the pandemic conditions. As Capital&Ekonomist and Start Up Magazines, we are of the opinion that the economy management, public and business leaders will resolve the current issues regarding the new world only by working all together at the end of this challenging pandemic period within the scope of UEZ 2022. We intend that this Summit will be actualized as a visionary, top-end platform through which the opinion leaders can share their messages regarding their re-rising goals following the change, improvement, redesigning to be followed by recovery, which they will lead “together” to switch to a new, sustainable and egalitarian economic model that must cover the whole world, with the public at a strong tone. Within the scope of UEZ 2022, which will be held under the theme of “Designing New Global Order: Co-enhancing, Changing And Digitalization”, the challenges of transition process, more sustainable manufacturing systems and obstacles in switching to consumption awareness as well as the steps that need to be taken for these goals will be addressed and discussed. Uludağ Economy Summit will also offer the opportunities such as “exclusive non-public reception”, “Networking opportunities”, “exclusive press meeting” to the participants. UEZ has gradually become the “address of gathering” in addition to content sharing. The Summit to be held in 2022 will again be highly attended by business world. For further details, please visit our website.


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