24-25 NOVEMBER 2021

The second meeting in the 10th anniversary of the Uludağ Economy Summit

Uludağ Economy Summit, Turkey’s most impactful business and economy meeting organized by Capital, Economist, and Start Up magazines since 2012, will be held for the second time in 2021 to bring together business and opinion leaders regarding ever-changing agenda in local and the international arena. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Uludağ Economy Summit will bring together esteemed speakers and businesspeople from Turkey and the globe.


Discussing sustainability and the future after the pandemic

The second meeting of the Summit, which was held as a hybrid (physical & online) for the first time in March due to pandemic measures, will be held in Istanbul on 24-25 November. The Summit, which will be an outstanding economic event, will host valuable local and foreign speakers, economists, and opinion leaders who are experts in various fields. At the Summit, impactful businesspeople from different sectors will come together under the key theme of “Sustainability and the Future.” In addition, changes in the business world and new business models after the pandemic, steps to be taken for a better future and a more sustainable world, and strategies to be followed will also be discussed.


New opportunities, threats, and new order awaiting the economy and the business world after the pandemic, which accelerated digital transformation processes worldwide, radically changed consumer habits, and brought entirely new working conditions, will be discussed at the Uludağ Economy Summit. Business and economy leaders from Turkey have continued to show great interest in the Summit for years. We hope it will be held physically in Uludağ next year after the pandemic is over.


As Capital, Economist, and Start Up magazines, we are aware that the leaders of the economic management, public, and business world have been going through challenging periods due to the change and transformation in the world for two years. However, Uludağ Economic Summit will continue to be a platform where opinion leaders raise their voices to improve current conditions and build a bright future.


The Summit will discuss leadership in sustainability, the increasing importance of creative circular economy practices, new approaches in banking, trends that will shape the future of the global economy, fintech companies and start-ups, investing in youth, and international success of Turkish brands. Again, it will be broadcast live to the public on social media platforms.

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