6-9 OCTOBER 2022

11th meeting of Uludağ Economy Summit will take place

Uludağ Economy Summit (UEZ), Turkey’s most important business and economy meeting, organized by Capital and Economist and Start Up magazines since 2012, will be held for the first time after the pandemic in 2022 to bring together business and opinion leaders regarding the rapidly changing world and Turkey agenda. will be physically implemented. Uludağ Economy Summit, which has completed its 11th year this year, will be held at NG Enjoy Hotel in Sapanca on 6-9 October this year. Valuable business people, economists and opinion leaders will be with us at the summit.

Leaders will talk about how they can shape a better global order

In these days when the whole world is in the throes of change in an inflationary and challenging conjuncture after the pandemic, the leaders of business, economy and politics will talk about how they can solve the current problems of the new era by working hand in hand under the theme of “Designing the New Global Order”. At the summit, under the theme of “Designing the New Global Order: Healing, Change and Digitization together”, the obstacles to be overcome in order to transition to a new and more sustainable system; From education to agriculture, from production to industry, from energy to technology, they will discuss solution proposals and the steps to be taken in line with these goals in order to create humane and more nature-friendly systems.

Based on the fact that the public and business leaders, as Capital, Economist and Start Up magazines, are going through difficult processes due to change and transformation in the world, the content of Uludağ Economy Summit 2022 (UEZ 2022) will enable opinion leaders to have their voices heard and to create a great future for the improvement of current conditions and the creation of a great future. We planned it to be a platform for people to be inspired by.

The Summit will include panels on critical agenda topics such as strong trends that shape the global economy, Turkey’s vision for the future, the contribution of entrepreneurship and innovation to the economy, new generation investments that will bring the Turkish economy, the role of banking in the new world conjuncture and its future, the future of the energy sector and renewable resources. will also be broadcast live on the Zirvedencanli.com platform.

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