22 March 2018 Thursday


Opening Reception

Grand Yazıcı Restaurant

    23 March 2018 Friday



    Grand Yazıcı Restaurant


      Opening Speeches

      • M. Rauf Ateş – Publisher, Capital & Ekonomist Magazines
      • Özgür Maraş – General Manager, Garenta and ikinciyeni.com
      • Luciano Poli – India, Middle East and Turkey (IMET) President, Dow

      Mehmet Şimşek

      • Mehmet Şimşek – Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Turkey

      The Future of Global Opportunities

      This session will be about which regions, sectors and companies offer more opportunities in the global arena; and the attraction of key countries of future including China and Africa would be discussed.

      • MODERATOR Yüksel Yıldırım – CEO, Yıldırım Holding
      • Abdullah Kavukcu – Chairman of the Board, Simit Sarayı
      • Erol Bilecik – President, Turkish Industry & Business Association
      • Gülden Yılmaz – Member of the Board, Koton
      • Ömer Kızıl – Vice Chairman of the Board, Uludağ Beverage
      • Ümit Zaim – Chairman of the Board, Derimod

      The Future of Agriculture

      This session will be about the current and future studies done in Europe and Turkey in general in agriculture and animal husbandry; the action plan of sector players; and the suggestions for a sustainable agriculture sector.

      • MODERATOR Hakan Ateş – CEO, Denizbank
      • Ahmet Hacıince – Chairman of the Board, Hacıince Group of Companies
      • Hakkı Yıldız – Chairman of the Board, Yıldızlar Holding
      • Jannes Maes – President of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA)
      • Muharrem Yılmaz – Chairman of the Board, Sütaş

      Digital Future

      In this session, how far digitalization would carry companies and societies in future will be discussed, and information about what the technological level would be in the new period will be shared.

      • MODERATOR Colman Deegan – CEO, Vodafone Turkey
      • Daniel Kottke – IoT Smarthome Entrepreneur and First Apple Employee
      • Derya Matraş – Country Manager, Facebook Turkey
      • Hakan Binbaşgil – General Manager and Member of the Board, Akbank
      • Murat Emirdağ – Founder, M-Factory Ventures
      • Peter Theo Sorgenfrei – CEO, Autonomous Mobility
      • Thomas Frey – Senior Futurist, DaVinci Institute
      12:15 – 13:15

      CEO Gathering – Special Guest: Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Turkey Mehmet Şimşek SIDE SESSION

      Closed Session / Private Invitation – Hosted by DKY İnşaat



        Grand Yazıcı Restaurant


          The Future of Turkey

          In this session, the discussion points will be about what should be done to establish the grounds for growth in Turkey on solid economic foundations in future; the position of Turkey in future in the changing global economic balances; and the future plans of locomotive sector players in Turkey.

          • MODERATOR Cemal Kişmir – CEO, BNP Paribas Cardif Turkey
          • Osman Çelik – Undersecretary of Turkish Treasury
          • Özgür Tort – CEO, Migros
          • Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı – Chairwoman of the Board, Doğan Holding
          • İzzet Garih – Chairman of the Board, Alarko Holding
          • Mesut Toprak – Chairman of the Board, Tay Group
          • Nihat Özdemir – Chairman of the Board, Limak Holding

          The Future of Production

          In this session, the discussion points will be the future of production in Turkey, the importance of production-based growth, and the requirement for new manufacturing facilities for current deficit. In addition, how the production would be shaped in the new period and the effects of Industry 4.0 and digitalization will be discussed.

          • MODERATOR Hüseyin Aydın – General Manager, Ziraat Bank
          • Ahmet C. Dördüncü – CEO, Akkök Holding
          • Buğra Kavuncu – CEO, BASF Turkey
          • Tayfun Küçükoğlu – General Manager, Betek Boya
          • Temel Kotil – President & CEO, Turkish Aerospace Industries
          • Zaur Gahramanov – CEO, SOCAR Turkey
          15:00 – 16:00

          CEO Gathering – “Digital Agenda” SIDE SESSION

          Closed Session / Private Invitation – Hosted by NGN Teknology

          • Special Guests:
            • Arun Pudur – Founder and President, Pudur Corporation
            • Daniel Kottke – IoT Smarthome Entrepreneur and First Apple Employee
            • Thomas Frey – Senior Futurist, DaVinci Institute

          The Future of Society

          In this session in which the solution suggestions regarding saving the future of the society and the business world would be discussed, the arguments will be the position of women in future society and the subjects that should be in the current agendas in shaping the future.

          • MODERATOR Selen Kocabaş – President of YKKD
          • Carl Manlan – COO, Ecobank Foundation
          • Carl Pope – Principal, Inside Straight Strategies
          • Zainab Salbi – Founder & CEO, Women for Women International

          Banking: The Future of Finance

          In this session which will be held with the participation of leading players of the sector, the discussion points will be the route of growth in finance sector both in Turkey and in the world, and how the new technological developments would shape the future of the sector.

          • MODERATOR Servet Taze – General Manager, Şekerbank
          • Himmet Karadağ – Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Borsa İstanbul
          • Selim Kervancı – General Manager, HSBC Turkey
          • Serra Akçaoğlu – CEO, Citibank Turkey
          • Osman Arslan – CEO, Halkbank

          Gala Dinner

          Grand Yazıcı Restaurant

          Gala Dinner Speech:

          • Zaur Gahramanov – CEO, SOCAR Turkey
          • Ziya Altunyaldız – President Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology

          After Party

          Grand Yazıcı Chalet

            24 March 2018 Saturday



            Grand Yazıcı Restaurant


              The Future of Real Estate

              What are in the agenda of sector players in the new period in real estate which is one of the most active sectors lately? What are the alarming developments in the sector? How would the sector be shaped in future; and how would the route of demand change?

              • MODERATOR Ahmet C. Dördüncü – CEO, Akkök Holding
              • Aziz Torun – Chairman and CEO, Torunlar REIC
              • Ali Dumankaya – Chairman of the Board, DKY Construction
              • Dr. Feyzullah Yetgin – Chairman of the Board, GYODER
              • Erden Timur – CEO, NEF
              • Ziya Yılmaz – Chairman of the Board, DAP Holding

              The Future of Global Economy and Developing Countries

              What is the route of global economy, how developing countries will react? Assumptions of central banks…

              • MODERATOR Özgür Tanrıkulu – General Manager, McKinsey Turkey
              • Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao – Former Governor of RBI
              • José De Gregorio – Former President, Central Bank of Chile
              • Ümit Leblebici – General Manager,TEB
              10:00 – 12:00

              Stars of Region Contest / Final SIDE SESSION

              Live Presentation of Finalists and Jury Evaluation

              • Location:  Grand Yazıcı Restaurant
              • * Open to all UEZ participants

                Opportunities at the Age of Digitalization

                What would be the digital opportunities that will change the game rule in the new period when Industry 4.0 is on the agenda? What should the business world do to catch these opportunities?

                • MODERATOR İhsan Elgin – Director of Ozyegin University Center for Entrepreneurship
                • Adnan Bali – General Manager, ISBANK
                • Levent Çakıroğlu – CEO, Koç Holding

                The Future of Europe

                What would be the grounds for relations between Turkey and EU in future? Are those arguing that the EU would collapse right? How do you anticipate the future of the EU? What kind of a future is waiting for the EU both economically and politically?

                • MODERATOR Cansen Başaran Symes – Chairwoman of the Board, Allianz Turkey and Former TÜSİAD President
                • Anders Aslund – Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
                • Hüseyin Gelis – Chairman of the Board and CEO, Siemens Turkey
                • Prof. Ivo Josipovic – Former President, Croatia
                • Sir Dominick Chilcott – British Ambassador to Turkey

                The Company of Future

                Expert leaders and the representatives of business world will discuss new way of doing business and organizational structure of the new period in this session in which the discussion point will be the profile of future leaders and organizations.

                • MODERATOR Kaan Gür – CEO, Alternatif Bank
                • Agah Uğur – CEO, Borusan Holding
                • Atalay Gümrah – CEO, Eczacıbaşı Group
                • Philip Dunne – Head of EY-Parthenon United Kingdom
                • Paul Doany – CEO, Turk Telekom
                • Sani Şener – CEO, TAV Airports Holding


                Grand Yazıcı Restaurant

                  13:30 – 14:30

                  CEO Gathering SIDE SESSION

                  Closed Session / Private Invitation – Hosted by DAP Yapı


                    The Future of Health

                    Components required for a better performing and sustainable health system would be discussed with the participation of the leading bureaucrats of the world and sector representatives of Turkey.

                    • MODERATOR Hülya Güven – Vice General Manager, Cisco Turkey
                    • Ab Klink – Former Minister of Health Care and Sports, Netherlands
                    • Daniel Bahr – Former Federal Minister of Health, Germany
                    • Hamdi Akın – Chairman of the Board, Akfen Holding
                    • Haluk Karabatak – CEO, Philips Turkey
                    • Hüseyin İnceöz – General Manager, Health Investment

                    The Future of Entrepreneurship

                    In this session which will host different entrepreneurs both from Turkey and the world, the discussion points will be the groundbreaking enterprises of the recent period in the world, and how they achieved success.

                    • MODERATOR Kenan Bozgeyik – Chairman of the Board and Director General of PTT, Chairman of the Council of Administration of the Universal Postal Union
                    • Ali Sabancı – Chairman of the Board, Istanbul Organization Committee, Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2018
                    • Arun Pudur – Founder and President, Pudur Corporation
                    • Doron Avni – Director of Public Policy & Government Relations, Google
                    • Hasan Aslanoba – Chairman of the Board, Aslanoba Group
                    • Hendy Setiono – Founder and CEO, Baba Rafi Kebab
                    • Sheikha Alanoud Al-Thani – Director, Qatar Finance Center

                    Towards a New Future

                    In addition to successful global investors, special guests that will discuss the business world in Turkey will participate in this session which would be a guidance for companies desiring to exist in future world.

                    • MODERATOR Bülent Hiçsönmez – Country Manager, Google Turkey
                    • Chockalingam Palaniappan – Board member of Softbank Energy
                    • Thomas Frey – Senior Futurist, DaVinci Institute
                    • Irene Sun – Author, The Next Factory of the World

                    Closing Speech & Stars of Region Award Ceremony