The World of Business and Economy will discuss the Future at Uludag

7th Uludag Economy Summit on march 23-24
7th Uludağ Economy Summit which is one of the key gatherings for the world of business and economy will be organized on March 23-24 by Capital and Ekonomist magazines.
The main theme of this Summit which will host almost 1200 participants from Turkey and all around the world for two days will be “The Future.” Various sectors from industries to trade, manufacturing to retail and finance to education will be discussed in this Summit; and developments that lead the world of business and economy will be shared.
Rajeev Misra, CEO of Vision Fund that manages over 100 billion dollars of fund and Nizar Al Bassam and Dalınç Arıburnu, the founders of Centricus are among the foreign speakers that will attend the Summit this year.
Uludağ Economy Summit to which Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek will also attend as a speaker will host prominent names including Dutch Former Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Ab Klink, German Former Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr, Former Governor of Reserve Bank in India Dr. Surbbarao Duvvuri, and IoT Smart Homes Entrepreneur and Apple’s earliest employee Daniel Kottke.
The Summit to which Chairs of the Board of Directors and senior managers from big companies that represent Turkish business world will host international participations from several countries including Germany, Croatia, India, Holland, Nigeria, USA, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Chili, England and Denmark.
Entrepreneurs that signed into successful businesses and innovations will share their innovations that lead the economy and their expectations through interesting subjects.
Uludağ Economy Summit will host a great Start Up Contest this year. In this contest which will be organized in cooperation with Galata Business Angels and Endeavor, participants will have the opportunity to address their ventures to Turkey’s greatest angel investors and start-up-friendly leaders to draw investment from them and to get the great award. Entrepreneurs from Europe, Africa, Middle East and other regions in addition to Turkey are expected to attend to this contest.